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Church Intimations & Notices – Sunday 6th October

Sunday 6th  October:

Morning worship at 11 am. Sacrament of Holy Communion at 11 am in the church and 6.30 pm in the large hall. Retiring collection after both services in favour of the West of Scotland Bible Society. No after-service tea and coffee today.

Monday 7th October:

We will be holding a Communion Service from 12.30 till 1 pm in the Godly Play room, followed the Monday Club Bite and Blether. We will be serving soup from 1 pm, with activities running from 2 – 3.30 pm.

Friday 11th October:

Soup Cafe 12 – 2 pm. Please tell your family, friends and neighbours to come along and enjoy a bowl of soup and a blether.

Sunday 13th  October:

  • Pram & Praise 10 o’clock in the Godly Play Room.
  • Morning service at 11 am in the church.

A Bible Study group called Bible Blether is beginning on Friday 11th October from 10.30 – 11.45 in the Godly Play room. We will be looking at the Parables this session. Whether you have just started reading the Bible, or have been reading it for years, you are welcome to come as we learn together through the sharing of our thoughts. If you are interested in joining us, we will be using The Parables produced by SU Lifebuilders series. To order a book please contact Lynette Jardine on 812404, or give your name to John Jardine.

During October we are collecting for Hamilton & District Foodbank. Lists of suitable foodstuffs and toiletries are available at the front door and on the hall noticeboard. If you would prefer to give a monetary donation, please see Liz Vasey.