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The Churches and two World Wars

Amongst those from the Uddingston churches who served in the Great War was the then Minister of Uddingston Parish Church, the Rev. C. W. G. Taylor. His message to the congregation in his church report for December 1916 was written from the trenches in northern France where he served in the 1st Scots Guards.

Both congregations were greatly affected by the first World War, and in memory of those who served, plaques have been placed in the vestibule.

In memory of those who died and had been members of the Parish Church congregation, the present communion table was installed, and those who were lost from the Chalmers congregation are remembered with a plaque to the left side of the vestibule.

The front ornamental gates to the church were erected in 1945 in memory of those members of Trinity Church who were lost in World War II.

The Ritchie window was donated by the Ritchie family, whose two sons, Blyth and John, were both killed in action.

The new hall at Trinity Church had been opened in 1936. The railings on the wall were soon to be removed and the metal used for the war effort.

In 1957 the War Memorial at the junction of Old Glasgow Road and Bothwell Road was erected in memory of those from the village who gave their lives in two World Wars.