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Church Gardens – June 2023

As the spring flowers disappear it’s all systems go for summer.

This is such an amazing time not only for the flowers we look forward to but also to welcome back our summer visitors.

The tiny Swallow returns from Africa after a six week journey, its tiny wings strong enough to battle against the elements. The Swifts, the magnificent Osprey to name only a few.

At the reserve we have our first chicks, wee fluffy Lapwings. We are like proud parents when we show them off to visitors, I secretly believe they think we are crazy ?.

Other animals are also returning in our waters. Basking Sharks , the gentle giants of the sea, so many to see. The belief is that this year will be a bumper year for them. On my recent Orca survey we saw lots and marvelled at that dorsal fin cutting through the waves. It looks so impressive with lots of very excited passengers spotting them. It’s lovely to watch the excitement transmit through the crowd.

So enjoy the beauty of the summer and keep your eyes open you never know what you might see !!!!