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Church Gardens – July 2023

Holiday time is here so off to the Caribbean in the Clyde, Isle of Cumbrae.

Our yearly trip to Millport couldn’t have been better with a heat wave in full flow. We thought one week maybe but it just got better in the 2nd week.

Time was spent wildlife watching, cycling, cruise ship spotting and of course plenty relaxation, even a wee paddle at 9:45pm .

Between bats and birds it didn’t disappoint. The first few nights the bats put on a spectacular show right at our window and turned out the most comfortable bat watch ever.

The birds also put on their own display. Gannets dart diving, black headed gulls squabbling and a fabulous in air combat between crows and oyster catchers.

However it was during such an observation of a raft of birds near Arran that the biggest surprise was to come. A humpback whale! What a pleasure to watch and a huge surprise. I was so excited as I thought the only marine mammal I would see might be a glimpse of Kylie the resident common dolphin amongst the seals.

Gardening wise it didn’t disappoint either. Millport is fortunate to have a really good local gardener who works his magic especially in the sunken rose garden at the Garrison. Last year he planted 140 new rose bushes and they look and smell tremendous. Its like a tropical garden with two small ponds with the most beautiful water lilies, so delicate looking, like porcelain . One of natures true beauties. Chatting with him , having had no rain for nearly 3 weeks, he was praying for rain. Needless to say that night God didn’t disappoint answering his prayers and we had a five minute deluge. I couldn’t help but smile thinking about our chat ?.

Holiday over now its time to spruce up the church wildlife garden. Lots of jobs to do !! Connie ?