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Church Gardens – August 2023

Another busy month for the garden. The Wildlife garden got a summer makeover for the big judging event. 

Painting is not my forte but needs must and I think it looks a bit tidier. Hopefully the judges will reward Grow Uddingston for all their hard work in making the village beautiful. Lots of people don’t appreciate how much time and hard work goes into such a venture. The group dedicate their own time to achieve such a lovely result. So a huge thank you to them.

On the wildlife front it was an exciting one for me. A surprise Orca survey to Barra with lots of sightings including one we couldn’t identify which had a strange behaviour. Everyday is a school day!

At the reserve there was also excitement. I was sitting in the hide one dreich Saturday afternoon trying to count how many chicks were on a great crested grebe’s back, their preferred mode of transport for young chicks. When they are old enough they are unceremoniously thrown off when the female rears up. It’s actually quite amusing to watch . As I was watching this something caught my peripheral vision, a strange dark grey thing appeared out of the water just in front of me. Lots of things ran through my head, cormorant, eel etc until a head appeared which proved to be an otter. have otters onsite but I’ve never been lucky enough to see one and it was the last thing I expected on a Saturday afternoon. To say I was buzzing was an understatement ?.

There weren’t even any visitors to share it with. So all in all it’s been a blessed month for me.

Hopefully the month will continue to be as productive for everyone.