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Church Gardens – December 2023

Christmas is fast approaching, it’s been a fast but fruitful year. December is always busy but it’s important to take time out for even a few minutes and think about the true meaning of Christmas “The Reason for the Season”

It’s also a time to take care of our wildlife. Making sure they have some extra food and very importantly water. It seems strange to say that when there’s so much rain about but there are so many reasons it may not be safe or available. Apart from freezing it can become contaminated with such things as anti freeze and de-icer etc which are highly toxic. Not only to wildlife but your domestic pets also.

Our winter visitors are arriving, most of them from Iceland and Scandinavia. Such as Whooper swans , redwing, fieldfare and one of the most stunning birds, the Waxwing. There have been local sightings in Hamilton and Bellshill to name only a few. They love berries and they move like waves so you have to be fast to see them.

Needless to say they are still on my bucket list. So always something new to see if you keep your eyes open. It’s a challenging time in the birdwatchers calendar.

Anyway have a fabulous Festive Season and remember to sit back and relax.