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Church Gardens – February 2024

So far January has passed very quickly. A visit to Glencoe started off my year, couldn’t ask for anything better. Start the way you mean to go on!

This year is a big birthday for the church, 150 ?. There will be many celebrations and hopefully we will manage some within the beautiful church grounds, weather permitting.

As part of the Muddy church garden we are hoping to participate in garden twinning which we will keep you informed about. It would be a nice way for us to honour the big birthday.

Hoping you all managed to participate in The Big Garden Bird Watch. It gets more important every year to gather this data as lots of our favourite birds are in decline. It is one of the largest citizen science projects in the UK and one of the most important wildlife ones.

So get involved with wildlife and make 2024 one of the best.

I’d also like to mention that there is now a small box at the church door as part of our attempt to increase recycling within the church. This is for recycling of inkjet( not laser) printer cartridges. These can be used to raise funds for charity.

We would also like to encourage all church organisations and those that use the church premises to use less plastic and disposable goods and try to use goods that can be washed and reused. Such as using crockery and glass rather than paper and plastic, remembering soiled paper cannot be recycled. Also to recycle/upcycle goods rather than dispose of them.  There are so many things sent to landfill that could be utilised in some other way, what is someones’ rubbish is someone else’s gold. Thankyou all in advance.

Connie ?