Uddingston Old has large range of groups and activities for all members of the congregation. There's always something happening with the Church. Why not come along and join in with one of the groups or activities.
Sunday Worship:
Pram & Praise 10am (Sept - June)
Morning Service 11.00 am
Evening Service 6.30pm (Oct - May)
Sunday School:
All Departments meet at 11am in the Church Hall   (September - June)
Midweek Service:
Wednesday Church open 10am - noon for Quiet Reflection & Short Communion Service (1st Wednesday of month) at 11.30am
Please check the Sunday Intimations for exact dates
Parents desiring Baptism for their children are asked to contact the Minister.

Activities (What We Do in Uddingston Old)
Flexercise Class 10am - September - June
Contact Helen Green
Monday Club 2 - 3.30pm
Contact Mary Fox
Men’s Fellowship 7.30pm - October - March
Contact Craig Mains
Badminton Club  7.30pm - September  - May
Contact Michael Moore

The Guild 7.30pm - October - March
Contact Muriel McCandlish

Sanctuary Open 10am - 12noon each week for reflection & short act of worship at 11.30am
Communion available 1st Wednesday of month at 11.30am
Bible Study Group 7.30pm (fortnightly) - October - March
Contact Lynette Jardine
2nd Uddingston Rainbows 6 - 7pm - September - June
Contact - Mrs Jean Prisk
2nd Uddingston Girl Guide Company 7.30 - 9.30pm - September - June
Contact - Fiona Burrell

Walk & Roll Group 10am - 12noon
(Meet at church, suitably dressed)
Please check Sunday Intimations for exact dates.
Probus Club 2pm - October - March
Contact Spence Macauslane
Girls’ Brigade 6.30pm  - 9.30pm - August - May
Contact Mrs CarolAnn Gray
Parish Patchers 7 - 9pm - September - June
Contact Muriel McCandlish
Choir 7.30pm - 9.00pm - September - May

Boys’ Brigade  5.30 pm - 10pm -  August - May
Contact Alan Cowan

CMDance Academy 9am - 1pm
Contact: Carol McLean