What is Muddy Church?

Muddy Church is a community of churches, groups and people who are looking for ways of connecting with their local community and God.  It is not just about being in a rural, forest or woodland area but finding the treasures within our communities that offer people a space to gather and connect. 

Muddy Church is based around the idea that everyone brings something - it offers places for listening and sharing, acceptance and wondering and requires openess to a community of people all able to see God and to share their lives.

Muddy Church is about discipleship - a journey of faith, growing in understanding of God, developing and being encouraged into deeper relationship with God through informal reflection, natural liturgy and accompanying. 

Muddy Church is not just for Christians - it offers a space where whole families can come together, friends can meet up, those alone can walk with others and people are invited to share their questions and lives.

Muddy Church does not come with set structures, regulations or formats it is based on the idea that each community is different and will need a unique look and approach.  There are spaces of sharing ideas, good practice and support through  being a part of this community.

The approach of Muddy Church is of sharing faith and the basis of this is a Trinitarian God, who has Created and is creating and is present all around us.  A God who has invited us into our communities and to be a part of what is happening within them.   

Pumpkin Fun for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner Muddy Church has produced an activity sheet for various activities for you to take part in.